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Supplier Data: Benefit from Your Backoffice

The fact that the Hazmat Backoffice handles your Safety Data Sheets has a huge conceptual advantage that increases the data quality: Qualisys acts as trustee between you and other manufacturers as well as between you and your suppliers. We clarify cases of doubt by gathering additional data – and we know which data is required and must be communicated. Furthermore, we check every presumed modification of legal execution or the practical implementation of laws and regulations and employ it for all Safety Data Sheets.


Trusted party

Qualisys has no production capabilities and is financially independent. When we deliver high quality Safety Data Sheets to you, we might need to ask your supplier for additional information. Your supplier will provide this info because we can not take it to become his competitor (while you probabaly could).

We also compare all info we have against similar products as an additional level of quality checks. This helps to find errors and data flaws, even in law publications.

Supplier obligations: Theory and Practice

You know the situation that your supplier delivers a wrong Safety Data Sheet: Too old, inconsistent or incomplete. It is your obligation to research this in order to create a Safety Data Sheet for your preparation, and your supplier should provide you with better data. Suppliers often argue that the data you request is a "trade secret".

No, mostly it is not. Especially American and Asian companies do not necessarily understand European law. We have experience in convincing companies that the information is needed while fortifying a trustful cooperation.

We can help you to reduce your product liability by thorough research.

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