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We create Safety Data Sheets with Expert Knowledge

As a manufacturer or importer ("first marketer") of hazardous products, you must create Safety Data Sheets worldwide. Just as labels, Safety Data Sheets require changes for each country. Storage, handling and transport of hazardous products also make operating directives and safety information necessary.

European law requires expert knowledge from Safety Data Sheet authors, which is proven by continuous training and practice. Because creating Safety Data Sheets requires detailed knowledge of hazard communication, hazardous goods transport, toxicology, occupational safety and ecotoxicology, you should ask a team of experts - any person alone, inhouse or external, is usually overburdened.

Better trust a twenty-expert, interdisciplinary team to reduce your product liability: Qualisys®, Your Hazmat Backoffice™, continuously monitors changes in legal acts, regulations, research and standards and updates Safety Data Sheets and labels for you accordingly.

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