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Hazardous Material Labels

Part of SUMDAT Data Service is the provision of labels in line with hazmat law for each country you need Safety Data Sheets for. Labels can be adjusted to your packaging with different sizes and formats. SUMDAT labels provide identification for bulk and stocked goods as well as a template with all hazmat information for the design of your retail packaging.

Small Volume Labelling

The EU allows for labelling facilitations if the packaging of a hazardous material contains no more than 125 ml. Texts for certain hazard classes can be left off the label. Industrial products have more facilitations than do products for individual users. SUMDAT provides this optional small batch labelling feature in Section 15 of the Safety Data Sheet. The SUMDAT label can be adjusted for small batch labelling, too.

Space Problems

Legal requirements for Hazmat Labels are hard to fulfill. Using multilingual labels or labelling smallest amounts (like ampulla or tablets) can cause a space problem for ideal and correct labelling. SUMDAT users can access a list with best practice after logging in on this website to find solutions for labelling your small packaging.

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