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Efficiency for On-site Consultants

You help your customers with regards to hazardous material handling, transportation of dangerous goods or occupational health and safety on-site? Or you are the Only Representative for companies outside the EU that need to register chemicals under REACH? Then of course you know REACH and GHS, because your customers need this knowledge.

Perhaps you even created Material Safety Data Sheets for your customers, although this is not your core business - you do not want to pass customers to competitors. But because these data sheets are getting more and more complex, your risks are increasing. The Qualisys Hazmat Backoffice is your partner to increase your efficiency and lower your liability risks.

Working together Hand in Hand

We are efficient because we work centralized: All experts for maintenance of customer specific product data, for research of worldwide legal information and for programming and system integration are in one place. This tight cooperation speeds up the implementation of changes and increases the reliability of our results.

But you do something we can not: Meet customers in their place. Your strength is the personal contact, the trust in your expertise. Let us combine these strengths by having us create hazmat data as your backoffice. You will save effort and gain time for your core business. As an expert, you know our data demands for Safety Data Sheet creation and collect the necessary information. The result is that your customer has a personal contact, a professional process and a high level of security.

With our partner conditions, certainly this cooperation is also interesting for you under financial aspects. We are looking forward to informing you personally.