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Qualisys: Quality By System Since 1993

2013: New Data Packages bundle 20 Years of Knowledge

Based on now 20 years of experience with Safety Data Sheets, Qualisys restructures its data into new packages for software companies. These packages offer a data presentation that makes understanding and evaluation of data easy so that it improves implementation and customer support. At the same time, the Qualisys SUMDAT data service uses these packages and works as a test user and validator.

2012: Exposure Scenarios

Now Qualisys also creates exposure scenarios as an annex to Safety Data Sheets. The resulting so-called "Extended Safety Data Sheets" are required for REACH-registered substances for which a Chemical Safety Report (CSR) is mandatory. Qualisys structures the information according to the ESCom standard maintained at  Cefic.

Later, this standard will allow the electronic data exchange and thus will facilitate checking and processing of exposure scenario data. Qualisys actively participates in the development of this standard as well as of  eSDScom for the electronic exchange of Safety Data Sheets.

2010: Family friendly and innovative

On May 29, 2010, the City of Langenfeld appointed Qualisys as a family-friendly company. Cited from the laudation: "Qualisys permits its employees to care for their sons and daughters anytime, no matter if a child is sick or a kindergarten is closed."

Other successes include the field of phrase development. In the third quarter, version 1.0 of the EuPhraC standard phrase catalogue is published, conceptionally prepared by Qualisys. EuPhraC is the official successor of the BDI standard phrase catalogue and supported by Business Europe. Its new phrases and new structure facilitates the implementation in software.

2007: Continuous Growth allows for Specialization

The Qualisys team has grown continuously over the past 5 years. The customer count has doubled since end of the nineties, while the number of software partners even doubled within a year. Furthermore Qualisys doubles its office space to optimize the surrounding for perfect and specialized service.

2005: Partnership with BDI

Three years later, the BDI standard text workgroup chooses Qualisys as partner to provide translations of their standard into European and non-European languages. Qualisys intensified the connection of expert work and IT solutions and thus supported the development of easy to use software solutions.

2002: Cooperation with Software Partners

With Dr. Dirk Henckels joining Qualisys to continue its success in the second generation, first partnerships with software companies were established. Qualisys adjusts its focus to be the single source for hazmat data and all necessary services, for end users as well as software companies.

1999: Systems Integration increases Efficiency

With our first SAP customer, Qualisys starts to deliver data not only with its own viewer software SUMDAT Desktop. In addition, we integrate data elements as well as inbound reports over a dial-in connection (later a Virtual Private Network) into our client's IT.

1993: The Beginning

In 1993, Ingo Henckels founds Qualisys. Initially the company has two focuses, one in a data service for EC Safety Data Sheets and one in consulting and auditing according to ISO 9001. This knowledge is still essential for today's mode of operation: All data is documented, all sources are traceable, all decisions well substanciated.

1989: Safety Data Sheet Software wins Trade Fair Prize

SUMDAT, a German acronym for "Sicherheits- und Umwelt-Datenbank" or "Safety and Environmental Database", is developed in the 1980s originally as an individual solution for a Düsseldorf-based cosmetics company which needed to maintain a large number of DIN Safety Data Sheets. SUMDAT wins a special prize at the "A+A" trade fair in Düsseldorf, competing against solutions of professional software companies.

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