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Concept of Your Hazmat Backoffice

Qualisys invented the Backoffice concept because it provides the most efficient way to high quality safety data. This is what makes it different from software or other outsourcing solutions:


Qualisys is the provider of translations, limit values, transport carrier data and national regulations for many well-known software companies in Europe and North America. Our daily research of legislative changes and their practical application in European, American and Asian countries is a self-evident prerequisite for this work.


An own software development and systems integration enables Qualisys to fulfil individual requirements and find optimized solutions. Over many years, we have developed Best Practices which increase efficiency and improve workflows while providing a low project risk – for an optimized experience of your customers with your products.


Create a Safety Data Sheet only based on provided documents? With the average data quality in the market, this imposes risks. Qualisys checks against other available data sources and the latest legal information from the target country and develops an understanding of your production process and application before we author a Safety Data Sheet. This results in a completeness and quality that is significantly above average.


More than twenty years of experience in quality management and with Safety Data Sheets, our work for almost all parts of the chemical supply chain and our active participation in the standardization bodies for EuPhraC, EDASx, ESCom, SDSCom and eSDScom ensure a comprehensive and up-to-date knowledge base, plus pronounced "instincts". Because all experts work at one office, it is easy to solve even complex and individual problems in a team meeting well and, in most cases, quickly.

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