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Highest Data Quality

Qualisys applies strict standards for SUMDAT data, which go beyond the possibilities of editors, databases and classification software. Every Safety Data Sheet is proved by Qualisys in accordance with the following criteria:

  1. Updated raw material data sheets: If necessary Qualisys contacts suppliers in order to obtain up-to-date Safety Data Sheets or to initiate the revision of data by the supplier in case there is only unacceptably obsolete data available.
  2. Coherent raw material data sheets: Qualisys checks inconsistencies with the compiler of the data sheet.
  3. Required chemo-physical, toxic and ecotoxic data available: Qualisys contacts manufacturers of substances in order to obtain complete and coherent data and/or to clarify risks arising from missing data.
  4. Classification of substances checked by specialists: In addition to classifying substances automatically by our own data processing tools, specialists also check plausibility and correctness of the result by considering every particular case and comparing the data to similar substances.
  5. Elimination of doubts concerning classification: If there are any doubts concerning the practice of classification, Qualisys contacts the responsible authorities all over the world and evaluates every particular case until a solution is found. Whenever there may be a decision-making leeway for the manufacturer, Qualisys sums up the consequences and allows a decision according to the manufacturer's corporate philosophy.
  6. Consistent country and language versions: We developed SUMDAT, a software that also generates legal adaptations and translations automatically for every supported language and country. Our internal processes reveal and resolve deviations resulting from missing information.
  7. Continuous revision of data and legislation: Form and content of data sheets created by Qualisys will be updated immediately. If desired, Qualisys therefore revises not only data sheet relevant information but also complete recipes (if desired and keeping secret any confidential information) and checks its legal conformity.
  8. Data update every 2 years: After not more than 2 years Qualisys proactively checks up substance safety data unless a data revision has previously become necessary due to changes in legislation or limit values.

Only by meeting this criteria you will efficiently achieve highest data quality without compromise and at a reasonable price.

Data for every continent

Qualisys can provide you with Safety Data Sheets also for countries outside Europe. Without problems we create data sheets for export purposes for Russia, Australia, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, and USA and Canada in particular according to ANSI Z.400-1. Besides providing data sheets also in Chinese and Japanese, we currently expand our competence for Asian countries. It is understood that all available data are adapted to the respective national legislation.


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