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Copy and Paste in Your Word Processor?

These times are over. There is rarely a case where this is the cheapest way to create a new (or even just personalize an existing) Safety Data Sheet. Because at some point you will need an additional SDS or language. Furthermore you must review every change in law down to the details of layout.

If you still think this is the way, you might want to take a look at BDI phrases you can order directly from Qualisys. Or look for entry-level SDS editor software. Or just choose SUMDAT solo.

Looking for Hazmat Software?

Software costs license fees – for the first buy, but also for the necessary updates to cover legislation changes. These updates usually cost 12% to 20% of the initial amount, per year.

After your company has installed the software you need literature (and need to read it). Then you are prepared to do the Safety Data Sheet work which costs a major amount of time and money.


Better Customer Service

Did you ever need just one Safety Data Sheet in a special language, for a valued customer who sells once to a foreign country? With a software, you would buy an additional language pack which often makes this service almost unaffordable.

SUMDAT fees are not calculated by languages, but by product/language combinations. Thus you can order product A in Greek and Russian, and product B in French and Turkish. An additional language for A or B costs you just a small amount of Euros (which differs depending on the price model) and will easily be covered by the new order.