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SUMDAT: Data from the Qualisys Hazmat Backoffice

SUMDAT is the name for product-related data which is collected and certified by the Qualisys Hazmat Backoffice. If you need a Safety Data Sheet, we deliver SUMDAT data. This means additional value such as a product labelling template and an Operating Directive as well as an update service.

Qualisys' speciality is data integration in other IT systems such as enterprise software, document management systems or web servers. Our own programming and systems integration implement custom solutions tailored to your needs. And because we use existing components, this has an attractive pricing.

Integration into IT Systems

Qualisys specializes in data integration into IT systems such as Content Management (CMS), Document Management (DMS) oder Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software. This makes the high quality in data authoring twice as efficient: Consistent data bases and higher integration save money and speed up internal processes and reduce risks.

We propose different integration strategies, depending on the target system. E.g. for SAP systems, we have developed a standardized three-milestone integration model that ensures increased efficiency at a low entry price. We look forward to finding the best individual solution for you.

Integration into your Web Site

Your Safety Data Sheets must be available to your customers free of charge. An important (albeit not solely sufficient) way is to offer continuously updated data on the web.

Qualisys can upload your Safety Data Sheets as PDF files to your server. A content file enables your web server to automatically create matching web pages. Then, changes in your product portfolio do not require manual administration anymore.

Alternatively, Qualisys offers its own SUMDAT Web environment which can host your Safety Data Sheets for your customers.


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