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Hazardous Material Management for Manufacturers, Importers and Only Representatives

The Qualisys Hazmat Backoffice fulfills all requirements for a modern risk management for hazardous chemicals:

  • Research: We investigate incomplete or contradicting supplier data for you, and we know international regulations.
  • Data quality: We validate and update the safety data for your specific products regularly – something no standard data base and no classification software can deliver.
  • Integration and future readiness: We import your data directly into your IT system or store it on your server – in systems such as SAP EH&S and the CSB system, in industry specific solutions, or just as PDF files.
  • Simplicity: With SUMDAT Desktop, you can use an intuitive software with smart options that is tailored for your workplace or small teams.
  • Information exchange: We notify your customers, tox information centers, transport emergency call services and authorities whenever data updates occur.
  • Product optimization: We help to develop products to the market and inform you if ingredients become listed as SVHC or if their legal classification changes – so that you can modify your recipes in time.

Different pricing models make our data delivery for one hazardous product just as cost effective as for a thousand in multiple languages. We also analyze which of your products can be grouped into one safety data sheet.

Your advantage: Our broad market experience as a partner of various software vendors is obvious in our data. No other data service has access to an own catalogue of more than 25.000 phrases and also delivers substance databases. In case you switch from our SUMDAT Desktop to an ERP software, we will secure your investment by transitioning your data to the best possible degree.

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