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Qualisys - Your Hazmat Backoffice

The best of two worlds for hazardous products: Take advantage of a hazmat management software without the effort of data editing. Your Hazmat Backoffice has the necessary expert knowledge for checking marketability, Safety Data Sheet authoring, and communication in the chemical supply chain. Our goals are risk management, quality improvements and ways to increase efficiency. Our service does not reduce your knowledge, but keeps you informed precisely and individually.

Capturing of supplier Safety Data Sheets and authoring of Safety Data Sheets and labels help manufacturers, importers or traders of hazardous products. For software systems, Qualisys offers phrase sets, substance data, regulatory lists and substance data and software components to create best-in-breed solutions for comprehensive hazardous material management.


Build on 25 years of experience and one of the largest business sets of regulatory and substance data, and find your individual and cost effective hazmat management solution with Qualisys!


Quality with Expertise

How can you design Hazmat Labels for numerous languages in conformity with the law? How do GHS classifications differ in American, European and Asian countries? How can a globally consistent Hazmat management work despite these differences? Which steps can be automated?

If you are asking these questions, Qualisys can be your answer. SUMDAT Safety Data Sheets, systems integration and software data packages help achieving your goals.

Practice-oriented Risk Management

Occupational safety and consumer protection are at the center of chemical legislation. Staying competitive with marketability is often hard to bring in line. Qualisys shares knowledge with you to clarify and evaluate risks instead of pretending to have a one-fits-all solution. You enhance your competence towards your clients and create a future-oriented business.


The many legal changes of the recent and coming years are not the only challenge: The rising REACH requirements on data and communication make passing Safety Data Sheets on paper or as PDF files only the second best choice, if not impossible to manage. This is why Qualisys actively contributes to the development of standards for phrase wordings and data exchange formats on an international level. With your hazmat backoffice, you stay efficient at a high quality level – today and in future.

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